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Social Media Drives Younger Viewers to TV

I read the headline and thought, “Cool. Not surprised. Annoying teenagers love to rant about every detail of their lives.”

But the further you read, you see that people as old as 34 participated in the survey. Equally interesting, this survey is parallel to several others that look to answer who is online talking about television. 

The article made me ponder questions about social media’s relationship with news broadcasts, entertainment television and advertisement. In reference to U_News, I began to analyze the show’s concept and how a news program can attempt to engage a younger audience.


How Small Businesses Should Use Hashtags

Tweeting smarter seems to be a topic for users in the Twitterverse, especially those of us in journalism.

One hundred sixty characters do not always say everything you’d like, so the people of Mashable offer some tips for small businesses. And since a journalist is his or her own business, the tips still apply.

1. Seek business-specific conversation

2. Keep it simple and consistent

3. Create your own hashtag

4.  Organize social dashboards by hashtag

5. Take advantage of Follow Friday

As a journalist, I think we should focus on number two, three and five. I’m now even thinking of adding #CodyReports or #CodyConcludes or #COCOsoLOCO to my news-related tweets in an attempt to generate a following.

 Number five is also very important. While spending my time at a network this summer, executives always pushed on-air talent to tweet back at those who tweet them. It makes the viewer feel appreciated and makes them a dedicated viewer.


How to make a GIF

Have you ever loved something so much while not really knowing how to operate it?

Very similar to the dust-covered Ab Lounge in my apartment, I have a love for the humor that Tumblr provides without knowing how to do it myself. It’s the main reason I took #jenclass because I wanted to impress McKayla Maroney.

Read this article. ‘Tis very informative. Buy PhotoShop…or a black market version of PhotoShop.

However, I question how valuable GIFs are for things not meant to be humorous. Could they be applied to hard news? The jury is still out.

 Perhaps they could be used as a technique for story promotion.