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From Twitter’s Headquarters, Data-Driven Best Practices For Journalists

We have been talking about the power of Twitter for quite sometime now but I thought this article laid out and pretty much confirmed everything we have been taught in #JenClass.

The basic rules which everyone “says” they know but always forget to use are:

1.Tweet your beat and tweet it live

2. Use Hashtags for context (I forget this like everyday)

3. @Cite your sources

4. Share what you’re reading.

I thought it was going to be easy for me to point out one of the recommendations are especially important, but I think all of them strongly contribute to the power of Twitter. Especially as a journalist, it is so important to cite your sources and use #hashtags for almost everything. Sharing what you are reading is a great one too because it let’s people know what you are interested in and the stories you tweet can hopefully inform other tweeters about the latest news. You really have to check this article out, and see the list of recommendations with an example on Twitter’s blog. 


I mostly was drawn to this article because it was the only thing NOT talking about the IPHONE. It looks like the 7.5 update for Android adds smart page for social and news updates. I like this because, well, I have an Android and I am always trying to figure how to get my news faster. Now, since the articles says that the news is generated from the most frequent sites the first thing I thought about is “how do I contribute to getting information out to my viewers?” Answer is….be present online! For instance, if I am constantly tweeting, hashtaging, retweeting, etc. than when this new smart page looks at the most frequently viewed pages (which means Twitter is inevitably on that list), things that I as a journalist will be apart of that news feed because I am constantly present in that space. Try it out for at least a month, you won’t be sorry. 


I am a lover of LinkedIn so when I came across this article I initially thought, “wow, it’s almost time for us to officially switch from Facebook to LinkedIn,” and then I thought how much I would hate that. I am only saying that because LinkedIn is a place where you can be connected with your boss and best friend (just like FB). In my head, it’s an avenue for me to get a job, but this article says if you target the right people, you can gain overall followers. #ListenUp #TakeSomeNotes


1. Be Targeted

2. Be focused

3. Be interactive

4. Be viral

Overall, i’m actually really excited to see how different journalism platforms decide to use LinkedIn to their benefit. 

4. I just thought this article was funny. The IPHONE has only been out for just a few days and already people have something to say. #FirstWorldProblems