Stacey Welsh - News from the Net

1. The PoMo Blog

The talk of social media over the weekend has been Felix Baumgartner’s skydive from space! The PoMo Blog capitalizes on this and discusses the video’s impact. 

  • Prompted discussion over what kind of free fall could have saved astronauts from the Columbia space shuttle when it exploded on re-entry in 2003
  • YouTube provided live streaming to about eight million viewers, 16 times more than ever before
  • Impact on Twitter- would Evel Knievel or David Blaine been bigger in “YouTube” era

2. Washington Post Technology

Facebook is limiting “Open Graph” apps from automatically posting ads to the right of users’ newsfeeds. For example, those apps can only post a related add when a user has been on an article for more than 10 seconds. This could cut down on spam and ads people don’t care about.

Facebook also said it will disable a feature that lets apps post stories to friends walls. People mostly hide those updates or mark them as spam.

3. Techcrunch

Techcrunch reports an announcement about the iPad mini is likely for Oct. 23. Price estimates are between $199 and $349.

  • Display and battery affect the price, so it could cost more with a retina display and if there is a model with more storage.
  • Screen expected to be 7.85 in.
  • Could this stop advance of Kindle Fire, Android tablets, etc.?