Wendy Mader - News From the Net

1. Techcrunch - What Investors are looking for in the next big social media site. 

Facebook logoIn this article, the columnist talks about why sites such as Facebook are remaining successful. But it also talks about what will sustain a social media site long-term. According to investor Joe Medved, the next biggest site to succeed (and the one that should receive investment) will have to achieve mobile success. He thinks Facebook will not sustain long-term, because they have not succeeded in mobile as much as other sites. 

He discusses Thumb and Path. He says the average user spends over 5 hours a month on Thumb, and it’s supposedly twice as active as Pinterest. Path is showing three times the engagement as Facebook. So both are giving Facebook something to sweat about. 

2. Mashable - Why some people love Apple products and others don’t. 

In this article, the writer breaks down the reasoning behind some people’s disinterest with Apple products. He also discusses what aspects are loved amongst Apple users. 

Some of the most interesting data…

  • The most desired Apple product amongst non-users is the iPad.
  • iPods are the most owned devices out of every Apple product.
  • Gender does not make a difference of opinion. 
  • Apple owners are 2.3x more likely to make $75k + per year.
  • Non-White Americans are more likely to be Apple consumers. 
  • You’re more likely to be an Apple “hater” if you’ve owned an Apple product before.

3. 10,000 Words - How a news organization can use Pinterest 

A more recent article on 10,000 Words led me to an older one from January. Although slightly outdated, it aligns with something we talked about in class. Jen was asked whether or not KOMU would use Pinterest, and her response was pretty much no. 

The article discusses how users of Pinterest’s are probably not looking there for hard news, and may not even be looking for news at all. 

But here’s how they suggest journalist’s use Pinterest:

  • Pin a picture followed by a link to a story. 
  • Pin teasers to your show — if there’s an interview with someone popular, post a picture of them, book they wrote, show they were on, etc. 
  • Create a board that highlights the station’s feature stories. People love to see themselves on TV, so that way they can go back and see a recap of what was shown (and possibly see themselves or people they know). 
  •  Make a “Staff” board showing all employees at the station and things about them.
  • Ask viewers to contribute to the site by posting things they find interesting —might come up with some story ideas.