Stacy Ike: News on the net

1. Instagram Info (Media Bistro)

During our last class (at Jen’s adorable house!) I expressed my concerns with Instagram moving to an online profile so you can imagine my face when I saw this post on Media Bistro referencing the Instagram Blog and their announcement of the profile along with the benefits; perfect timing. 

This is an example of what the online profile looks like:

The author of the article says initially, he was not happy about the collaboration between mobile and web (which I agreered with) but then he listed a few reasons this would help news organizations, I was intrigued. 

1. News organizations can now display a full gallery instead of just one snapshot. Viewers want to feel like they are a part of the story but when you Instagram a photo, it stays in one medium, the phone. If viewers are without a phone, or at least a phone that does not have certain capabilities, they feel disconnected from the story. 

2. Viewer engagement:

"Leading users to exploring more content can lead to three desired outcomes: likes, comments and shares."

3. And finally, this is also a way for viewers to participate in a monetary way. According to the article, ”we all know these social platforms are all about reaching audiences and building communities,  there are monetary gains news organizations take from these networks, and Instagram may soon be able to provide these types of opportunities for brands on the Web.”

2. Ad Age

Ad Question: How can Brands Best Plug In to the Social-Media Revolution?

This article focuses on the idea behind strategic marketing. The author gives some great examples about how she conveyed to many different people (from a cab driver to a business CEO) the importance of branding yourself and using technology to do it for you. 

The main thing I got from this article was to Be ValuableIt’s like what the #JENCLASS social media group is trying to do for our anchors.  People want to know what we are up to as a station so we have to be there. We have to be available, accessible, and transparent. 

3. CyberJournalist 

Cyberjournalist featured  Social Media Today in an article about the hit Korean new song, "Gangnam Style." The question the article focuses on the question, “HOW DID GANGNAM STYLE GO VIRAL?” 

This is particularly interesting because this song has attracted SO much attention from a wide range of people that one must wonder, what tools were used to promote this song?

This video explains the strategy behind this song and the importance of building a solid platform online and in the overall media.